Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

Scholarships Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for a scholarship, you must be:

  • A Nigerian citizen or permanent resident of Nigeria.
  • A minimum of 16 years and maximum 50 years of age at the start of the 2016 academic year, and be
  • An applicant for a course at Certa Support Training Institute in the academic year.

The final decision to award a scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  • High academic achievement
  • Financial Need and
  • Additional criteria that are established by the donor (e.g. subject being studied, etc.)

The essential process for assessing applicants and awarding scholarships is as follows:

STEP 1: Two Basic Selection Benchmarks: All applicants are appraised by assessors based on the following two basic criteria:

  1. High Academic Achievement. This is based on your scores during the entrance and interview sessions.
  2. Financial Need: This is based on the financial information that is provided in your application, from information provided by your letters of recommendation, plus any reinforcing narrative or document you provide.


STEP 2:A Third Criterion Which is Set by Donor: These donor-set standards may include (i) enrolment in a particular course of study, (ii) personal attributes and achievements such as leadership, (iii) special community service or volunteerism, (iv) residence in a specific geographic area, or (v) other distinctive criteria. Most donors do not specify unique criteria.

STEP 3: Decision Making: the final choice of the candidates to be assigned specific scholarships are made based on evaluation of information gathered from candidates’ applications. Donors who demand to be involved in the final decision for their particular scholarships are party to the decision.

STEP 4: Conditional Offer of Scholarship: Candidates selected in Step 3 will be given a conditional offer of scholarship and informed by email or any other medium deemed necessary by Certa Support Ltd. They will be required to provide additional information (e.g. validation of enrolment in the academic year, acceptance of the offer etc.) by a given deadline. Should they respond with the requested information within the time frame given, the conditions will be removed and they will be awarded a scholarship.

STEP 5: Confirmation of Scholarship: When all the conditions have been satisfied, scholarship recipients will be officially informed of their award. As a courtesy, applicants who are not successful in the scholarship program will be notified as well.

STEP 6: Scholarship Awards Ceremony: An award ceremony will be held for successful applicants in the first week of resumption and will be held at Certa premises. An applicant’s inability to attend the awards ceremony in person will not invalidate his/her scholarship.


Any candidate with fake result is advised not to apply as applicants with falsified results or documents will be severely punished.


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ii: Postal Address:

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