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Certa Support Training Institute’s mission is to develop and provide the best vocational care courses based on international and local best practices Our aim is to equip our graduates with the knowledge and expertise to skillfully and professionally carry out their duties. Encouraging, through our academic program, the initiative of continuous personal improvement.

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Founded in 2016, Certa Support Training Institute, was created to provide elite instructional programs focusing on identified vocational roles currently being filled by untrained persons. 

Utilizing comprehensive curriculums, taught by a distinguished faculty, the school is dedicated to the education of students in preparation of the vocational roles.

Through rigorous course work and extensive experiential education, students develop the necessary skills to become successful vocational job practitioners upon successful completion of the vocational training 

Through our affiliate placement service, Certa placement, the school offers work opportunities throughout Nigeria and abroad. 

Working only with current students and qualified alumni, Certa Support provides numerous interview opportunities to students before the conclusion of their vocational education period. 

The school works tirelessly to provide best vocational education and professional experience possible